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Welcome Max-Kreuziger-Haus!

We get our first contract for a bilingual property management. The „WEG Max-Kreuziger-Haus“ in Berlin, a condominium owner´s association with 76 flats, owned by german, british and skandinavian people, appoint us as their new property manager. The annual account, the budget and the current reporting in password-protected internet access are available in german and english language. And the annual condominium owner´s meeting become more professional with a simultaneous interpretation. A warm welcome to our new clients!

The Max Kreuziger high school Böcklinstrasse 1-5, Holteistraße 7-9 forwards of the green space of triangular Wühlischplatzes with its trapezoidal plot terms of urban planning to the closed block building of the Böcklinstrasse about. You reversed the building weight distribution of intact building in favour of an extension of Wühlischplatzes to the East. The free-standing gymnasium built on the Holteistraße should be „Scale and increase“ the actual school building.
The school was built 1950-1953 to a design by Hans Schmidt and stylistically based on the model of Socialist neoclassicism of the Stalinallee. As an example, this construction embodies the Socialist school concept of the early 1950s, worn with high demands. „School buildings“ should adequately reflect the importance of Socialist education order. High-quality building materials such as travertine and elaborate craft techniques such as stainless plaster Sgraffito tapes, Sohlbänke in stone plasters and artificial stone stress the ideological rise of construction item and were a stark contrast to the then economic opportunities. The Aula festive with fine woods, stone inlay and stucco work in the third floor served as a cultural Hall of the district. The two hip-space structure and the lined up together classrooms reveal unwanted Parallels to the actually presented Prussian school barracks and corresponded in the educational area with the building of rigor and discipline, now under Socialist conditions.
(übersetzt aus der Denkmaldatenbank des Landes Berlin)

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