Your property management in
Berlin and Rostock

Property management in Berlin

DICK Immobilienmanagement (e.K. = registered merchant) is the property management company for you in Berlin. It was founded in 1993 as a privately owned sole proprietorship operating in the business areas of real estate management (= Property Management), as well as forced and emergency administration for courts and business services for the real estate industry.

This includes, inter alia, the acquisition of plant management for companies and funds, implementation of due diligence, strategy processing and auditing activities. We do not own real estate.

Currently we have 19 employees as well as civil engineers / architects and solicitors.

Hausverwaltung in Berlin - in einer Konferenz

The handling of the assignments is organised in a way that makes one employee responsible for an entire assignment. This allows us to respond individually to customer needs without the assignment getting lost in division of labour.

We are equipped with the latest computer applications, accounting is on the same-day and the reporting system for clients is flexibly programmed (also in English). Operations are tracked using IT applications (Workflow). The property management software used has a GoB – attestation.

Through our membership in professional associations, which unfortunately is voluntary in our industry, we are committed to quality and a high standard of performance.

Rigorous standards are created in the recording process when reviewing the performance standards of the applicants. These relate to the technical qualification, the form and content of statements of account, to economic plans, logs of property owners’ meetings and the presence of a specialised library.

Regular participation in recognised further training measures is mandatory as is the maintenance of a property damage liability insurance.

We want our customers to have a positive experience! According to our philosophy:

Our competent management means rewards for you

We are a knowledgeable partner for real estate management as well as other related services.

Property management in Berlin - at work

Quality has its price. Managing your home in Berlin and Rostock affords quality work. We have been entrusted with valuable real estate assets which cannot be maintained just any old how. Those that allow themselves to be guided by cheap offers in their search for a manager risk getting cheap returns.

Placing your trust in the proven competence, performance, reliability and security of the manager is more economical. It is not difficult to calculate what is ultimately more expensive.